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Saltrock Kids Changing Towel (Various Colours)

Saltrock Kids Changing Towel (Various Colours)

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  • Our Saltrock kids changing towels allow for a stress-free, quick, and easy outfit change on the beach. Your kids will dry off and get dressed comfortably in style with our playful, eye-boggling Saltrock changing towels. Saltrock kids changing towels provide warmth whilst drying you. These Saltrock kids changing towels are loose-fit, allowing for the flexibility to change in privacy, before and after surfing. Your child will stand out in their unique, creepy patterned changing towel. This Saltrock changing towel is suitable for girls and boys to play on the beach in. Each poncho-style Saltrock changing towel has a spacious front pocket and a cosy, hood. 

    • Roomy front pocket and super soft hood
    • Loose-fitting and spacious allowing room to change freely
    • Gives privacy whilst changing into beachwear
    • 93cm long and 65cm wide (One Size)


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